"In a wretched and degenerate era as the present one, in which confusion reigns supreme in the conscience of men, in which the desecration of traditional values has become an object of rivalry, characteristic of western peoples who are consumed by a frenzy which,  shall it not be stopped  in time, it will surely lead them to the decadence and the erasing of the culture in the name of which they live; and in which era corruption has depraved the supposed initiative organizations of the actual meaning of ‘Holy’, a holiness they should instead try to preserve and propagate, and in which unlawfulness has taken the place of righteousness, unfaithfulness the place of faith –of “fides”-, counter- initiation the place of initiation and modernity the place of tradition, we feel responsible to provide clarifications to those who react to the paranoid ways of modern life and thinking, in order for the everlasting values that were ceaselessly transmitted to us from the primordial ages up to today, to be restored".

SEBASTIANO CARACCIOLO. Sovereign Grand General Hierophant. 1981-2013