The «Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim (or  Mizraim  or  Mitzraim) and Memphis» (Name Registered n° 18132859) is inarguably the most Hermetic Masonic Order in the International Masonic scene. It is the result of the fusion of the esoteric process of the Egyptian Rite or Rite of Misraim that came from Venice in 1801 and the Oriental Rite or Rite of Memphis that came in 1839 in Paris, and it was based on a nomenclature that worked through the degrees of Misraim from start, including the Initiations and Rites of the Oriental Rite.

The Rite of Misraim came from Venice in 1801 due to the efforts of Filalete Abraham and immediately spread into Italy and France.

The Oriental Rite of Memphis came in 1839 in Paris from Etienne Marconis. In the Archives of Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum), among other documents, three scrolls are kept that restore and clarify, as much as possible, the onset and the branches of the two Rites whose merger was Marco Egidio Allegri. He stood as Supreme Force of the Misraim of Venice in 1923 and also Grand Lineman ad vitam of the Memphis Rite at Palermo where he was later on put to sleep in 1925.

The information about these two Rites is a bit fractioned due to the historical transitions that both of them underwent and mostly the Rite of Misraim which in the course of time came across political power and authority of other Masonic forces which having lost the true spirit of the Ancient Initiation, tried to render themselves as elite clubs that could hardly accept the occurrence of an orthodox elite. These forces always tried to absorb the orthodox elite Rites in any way they could, obviously, so that they could restore their lost for ages traditional genuineness.

Especially in Italy, the fights that were conducted in the 19th century from the Austrian Government in the Lombardy - Venice and other Governments of different states of the peninsula were very poisonous.

During the 20th century, a lot of mud-slinging was spilled from the fascistic established order of Italy.

Nevertheless, the most important documents were saved and spread till our days.

Such documents allow us to guarantee that the Rite of Misraim was active at Zakynthos Island in 1782 and at Venice in 1796. In Venice the Rite was put to sleep after the capture of Enetic Democracy from Austria and awakened from Filalete Abraham, which was the name of Byron Tassoni di Modena, on 1801.

On 16th of May 1945, right after the end of World War II, M.E. Allegri activated his privileges as Supreme Force as 90° of Misraim and Grand Lineman “ad vitam” of the Rite of Memphis and merged these Rites to one, creating the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis that was developed into 95 degrees, proceeding in the foundation of Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum), The Sublime Secret Temple, The Sublime Consistorium of the 30° 90° degree, and the Sublime Peristyle of Orphics.

M.E.Allegri also established in perpetuity the Ruling Mother Lodge of «OSIRIS» and established the Sublime Councils and the Ruling Mother Lodge in the zenith of Venice to confirm the origin and to ensure the continuum of the Worshipful Rite in the future.

On 14/10/1949, M.E. Allegri passed over the Eternal Grand Pyramid, after he put on sleep the lesser Chambers of the Rite, leaving as a successor through his will Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio that ruled the High Hierophancy till 5/1/1966, day of his passage to the Eternal Grand Pyramid, succeeded by Count Gastone as it was said in the will of the passed. Count Gastone Ventura awakened the Rite on all the Chambers at the Winter Solstice of 1971 and ruled the High Hierophancy till 28/7/1981 at which day he passed over the Enternal Grand Pyramid himself leaving as his successor Sebastiano Caracciolo till 4/4/2013 who passing over the Enternal Grand Pyramid left as his successor R.R., current Emperor Sovereign Grand General Hierophant.

The Emperor Sovereign Grand General Hierophant ensures the continuum of the Rite even if it is put on sleep on its lower Chambers and sometimes on the higher too.

The traditional, authentic and legal origin of the Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis has annoyed a lot of people because it is, undoubtedly, one of the few traditional and Regular Rites that continue to maintain the power of transmission.

«The Feminine Egyptian Rite»

The Feminine Egyptian Rite of Adoption operates under the assistance of the Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum) with its own specific Rituals.

It follows the purest mystical and feminine Tradition that in the past created Vestal Virgins, Sibyls and Priestesses of Druids.

The Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim and Memphis operates in Greece since 1989.


1782  The Misraim Rite functions in the Greek island Zante according to preserved documents      

1796  The Misraim Rite functions in Venice according to preserved documents.     

1801  Filalete Abraham brings over the Misraim Rite in Venice.       

1839  Establishment of Memphis Rite in Paris by Etienne Marconis.    

1848  Arousal of Misraim Rite at the same time with the Venetian Republic promulgation (Rite had been reposed in the meantime).      

1856  Establishment of a Sovereign Council in Alexandria with title “Great Orient of Egypt”. The Inauguration Charter by Marconis, gives all forces for the Sovereign Sanctum establishment. Grand Master  is Marquis Joseph de Beauregard.

1862 The Memphis Rite is absorbed by the Great Orient, Marconis abdicates while Joseph de Beauregard don’t concede his abdication nor the shrunk of the Degrees which misapplied in France.      

1865  A new arousal of Misraim Rite (Rite has been reposed in the meantime).  

1867  The Misraim Rite repose once again. Full of legality and in hand of the Grand Master Prince Halim Pascia, is formatted a Sovereign Sanctum as a Sovereign Provenance of Memphis Rite.  The Sovereign Sanctum of France is resolving.    

1868  Death of Marconis.         

1869  Right after the Grand Master’s exile, the Memphis Rite reposes.       

1870  The Great Orient of Egypt arouses by S.A.Zola.     

1874  S.A.Zola takes Marconi’s place as a Grand Hierophant. 

1876  Constitution of a Grand Symbolic Rite, the National Grand Rite of Egypt. S.A.Zola on the 25th of October assigned the 95° 96° degrees to Giuseppe Garibaldi by nominating him as Grand Master d’onore ad vitam of the Sovereign Sanctum of Egypt. On the 15th of November the Great Orient of Egypt testaments to Salvatore Sottile, Grand Master of the Great Orient of Palermo, a Sovereign General Council commendation chart for the administration of Memphis Rite in Italy and in Palermo’s dale.

1877  The National Grand Lodge of Egypt is independently established by giving rein to the Great Oriental of Egypt, which began the administration of all Memphis Rite symbolic degrees.

1880  The Sovereign Sanctum of Egypt reposes. All Workshops continue operations in the Grand Secret Temple.         

1881  Right after the Giuseppe Garibaldi’s election as a Global Grand Hierophant of the Sovereign Sanctum of United States, of England and Ireland, of Italy and Romania, Egypt crowned his legitimacy.  

1883  S.A.Zola condescends and entitles as a heir,  Ferdinando Francesco degli Oddi.

1890  Salvatore Sottile arouses Memphis Rite in Palermo and establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy. 

1900  Salvatore Mortorana establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy. Ferdinando Francesco degli Oddi is widely conceded as Grand Hierophant by the Grand Sanctums of United States, of England and Ireland, of Romania, Italy, Spain and Egypt.       

1901  Paolo Figlia establishes as  a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum of Italy.      

1903  Benedetto Trigona establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum of Italy.      

1906  The Memphis Rite reposes.       

1921  Three Patriarchs, Giuseppe Sullirao, Giovanni Sottile and Reginald Gambier Mac Bean, aroused Memphis Rite in Palermo. Reginald Gambier Mac Bean establishes as a Grand Master of Sovereign Sanctum for Italy and for semi colonial territories.   

1923  Reginald Gambier Mac Bean passes all his powers to Marco Egidio Allegri via diploma.     

1925  Because of Fascist government's laws in Italy, which prohibit Masonry, Egidio Allegri reposes the Rite intentionally in order to be  aroused in henceforth expedient time. 

1945  Egidio Allegri unify the two Rites and creates the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis, establishes the Sovereign Grand Sanctuary of Adriatic (Superum), the Sovereign Mystic Temple, the Superb Consistorium of 30ο 90ο degrees and the Sovereign Peristyle of Orphics.  

1949  Egidio Allegri reposes the Rite (in the low level Chambers) and passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. He chose  Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio as his successor.     

1966  Ottavio Ulderisco Zasio passed in the Eternal Grand Pyramid. He chose Gastone Ventura as his successor.      

1971  Gastone Ventura arouses the Rite in all its Chambers.         

1981  Gastone Ventura passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. He chose Sebastiano Caracciolo as his successor.   

1989  Establishment of Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis in Greece.

8-12-2007    Establishment of Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis in Romania by a Greek dignitary. 

16-12-2007  The National Grand Master - National Grand Commander Triantafyllos Kotzamanis 33° 90° 96° passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid.

4-4-2013      The Sovereign Grand General Hierophant - Sovereign Grand Master Sebastiano Caracciolo 33° 90° 97° passed in the Eternal Great Pyramid. He chose Roberto Randellini as his successor.       


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