Initiation is closely connected with Tradition and is composed of a Ritual Mass which can’t be made up. For ages, Initiation has been imparted, preserving its essential guidelines and basal rules in a continuum.

Inside Initiation intrudes a “non-human” element consisting of a spiritual influence that achieves the connection with the Divine Order via Rite. However preparative to this happening, the Rite’s activation is necessary and compulsory according to Traditional rules.

The cardinal purpose of the initiation is to set in motion all personal and individual processes which have to provoke the excess of the human confinements, awakening the capabilities of emancipation dormancies which each one bears.

Initiation substantially entails the person’s interiority, which has nothing to do with populace, and this is why Massive Initiation is a contradiction inconsistent and something nonsensical.

Initiation must provoke a transmutation within the individual making them realize their inner Divinity; it must render the individual a New Person, and must comprise the departure point of its true liberation from the human limitations as well as the awakening of their Divine Consciousness.

The 90 degrees of Misraim plus the 92 degrees of Memphis are united, while containing the entire Masonic range via a special nomenclature. The first set of degrees, which is called Masonic, includes the first 30 degrees and it is divided in two rows, Symbolic and Philosophic.

The Symbolic row is comprised of the first Holy Work Zone and joins Lodges and Triangles. The Laboratories are working at the “Chambers” of the Apprentice of the Art, of the Fellow Craft of the Art and of the Master Mason of the Art.

The next degrees (of the Philosophic row) are grouped as follows:

·         4° to 7°, the College of Sublime Masters of the Perfection Arch (or Dome).

·         8°to 11°, the Sword Knights Synod, Perfect Masons of Heredom  ( 11° is the degree of the R+C Knight).

·         12° to 17°, the Sun Senate Knights, Wise of the Truth - Hermetic Philosophers.

·         18° to 30°, the Stars Brigadiers Council - Patriarchs of Truth.

The second row is the Illuminant section, which is comprised by four Constitutions:

  • THE SUBLIME CONSISTORIUM of the Sublime Masters of the Great Work.(30° 90°). From 30° to the 90° degree, we enter a sequence which escalates on Arcana Arcanorum. Those who bear 30° 90° degrees are called Sublime Masters of the Great Work.
  • THE GREAT TRIBUNAL of the Defenders of the Rite (31° 90° 91°).
  • THE SUBLIME SECRET TEMPLE of Patriarchs Princes of Memphis (32° 90° 94°).
  • THE NATIONAL SANCTUM of Patriarchs Preservers of the Rite (33° 90° 95°).

Two more degrees left, which correspond with the function of the National Grand Master – Grand Commander 33° 90° 96° and finally the 33° 90° 97° degree is given, as a privilege, to the Emperor Sovereign Grand Master – Sovereign Grand General Hierophant who retains the Sovereignty of the Rite while he is in charge of all continents on both hemispheres.

The Works of all Chambers and Chapters of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis must be conducted in Gloria of the Supreme Artificer of the Worlds and under the Aegis of the Sovereign Grand Sanctum of Adriatic (Superum), which is the Supreme Force of the Order and the Rite on both hemispheres. Otherwise, all Holy Works are invalid.

On 8° 11° degree, the seeker attempts the through the water crossing. He can pass over the bridge which connects the two river banks, but he can also douse into the water with no hope.

On 12° 17° degree, right after having passed through the water, he is able to face the Alchemic path and on 18° 30° degree the Astrological and Cabbalistic path.

Hereafter on the 30° 90° degree the seeker starts to work on the Elements’ Powers and hence with higher powers. The Sanctum Rite, which acts on thin fields, helps and protects the seeker because the Ritual action allows the activation of both channels, the one raises the "Fides" upwards and the other one lowers the "Virtus" downwards, just as in the Emerald Tablet. It is however advisable that great attention exists.

It is pertained on the Rite’s Basis that we should know that all facts are produced in the physical world and all causes in the metaphysical world. And this is why nothing can be produced in physical world, unless it has first been produced beyond the Vail.

The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis don’t have at all any views on speculation or sociopolitical level. Indeed, the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis show no interest in politics while respecting all Religion confessions.

For us God is one, even if we appeal Him under different names. That is why we support equally all religions.

One of the fundamental principles of Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim and Memphis, is that God is Truth and lies everywhere, suffice it to be realized by human via inner work.